Edith May Blogs

81st Thames Barge Match 2011

The Thames Barge Match was started in 1863, by ‘Golden Dustman’ Henry Dodd and is one of the oldest sailing races in the world (second only to the America’s Cup). This year was their 81st match and the Edith May sailed up the London River to take part.

50th Blackwater Barge Match

A fortnight on from Pin Mill’s 50th match, the Blackwater Smack and Barge Match celebrated the same milestone and the Edith May headed over to her old stomping ground to take part.

The passage down Swin on Friday was a lively affair, with a very strong SW wind blowing. Although a favourable direction, the strength meant that a brailed main and foresail were all that was required. ‘Gale warning imminent’ was issued over the radio and raised the tension slightly, but the barge took it well.